Chronology of Santa Cruz in the 1960s

This is a very rough guess, extracted from conversations with our contributors, by me (ralph abraham). To fix errors and add more info, please email me at

There is lots more to Hip Santa Cruz in the 1960s, but this is as far as i got so far (Feb. 2003).


  • Leon moves to California, meets Neal Cassady


  • Peter Demma returns to California, meets Ken Kesey


  • Ron Boise's sculptures shown at the Sticky Wicket


  • Peter Demma and Ron Bevirt open the Hip Pocket Bookstore
  • Ron Boise sculptures shown at St George Hotel and HPB


  • Fall, UCSC opens
  • Leon Tabory moves to Los Gatos, opens an office in Santa Cruz
  • Via Neal Cassady, Leon meets Peter
  • Leon starts Free Speech Night at the HPB
  • Leon goes to the Barn to see Eric Noord


  • HPB closes, Bookshop SC opened by Ron Lau
  • Leon begins activities at The Barn


  • Spring: Ralph visits Santa Cruz, the Barn, meets Peter Demma
  • Fall: Ralph moves to SC, gets in trouble at UCSC


  • The Barn closed

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