• feb 06: judy xx, tandy beal, ralph abraham meet
    project initiated
  • apr 03: ralph asked paul lee, joe lysowski
  • jun 24: ralph asked peter demma
  • jul 01: tandy asks keith muscutt
  • jul 02: ralph asked leon tabory, tony coppolino
    posted links to leon's home page
  • jul 03: judy asked jon scoville
  • jul 04: judy sent mission stmt and submission guide, posted
    ralph asked jodi greenberg frediani
  • jul 08: posted two links from peter demma
  • jul 11: tandy asks steve tortoricci
  • jul 12: ralph asks karen akins
  • jul 14: ralph asks ron lau
  • jul 19: ralph found t mike walker thanks to leon
    removed the "submission parameters" page
  • jul 25: ralph and judy meet, plan new submissions policy
    judy will interview al and patti diludovico
  • jul 26: post new submissions page
    ralph asks t mike walker
  • jul 28: ralph asks max hartstein
  • jul 30: ralph, leon, and peter have an interesting talk
    leon asks bob hall
  • jul 31: ralph asks bruce bratton
    ralph asks barbara vogl
  • aug 04: judy asks gordan of moby grape
  • aug 05: ralph asks emilia hazelip
    peter and ralph will interview bob hall
  • aug 22: recvd two contributions from max hartstein
    these are in process...
  • aug 28: posted contribution from rivkay barmore
    (aka karen akins)
  • sep 23: regular meeting: ralph, peter, joe, leon
  • oct 01: posted contributions from max hartstein
    extracts from a book
  • oct 02: tried recording a story with leon, tech troubles
  • oct 07: discovered original sign of the hip pocket bookstore
    tried recording a story with peter demma, tech problems
  • oct 14: hired joseph to polish the sign
  • oct 16: recorded a story with leon, success!!
  • nov 07: sent four 60 minute tapes to becky for transcription
    three of leon tabory, one of peter demma
  • 2003

  • jan 06: rcvd from paul lee handwritten story by joe lyzowsky
    sent copy to becky for transcription
    rcvd transcript from becky
  • jan 16: posted joe's story
  • feb 12: posted keith's photo of a barn poster
  • mar 18: recorded an interview with bob hall
  • dec 05: posted whole book by max hartstein
  • dec 17: posted first chapter of a new book by max hartstein
  • 2004

  • all year: posting new chapters by max
  • oct 07: lunch at ralph's w/ fred and tmike
  • nov 16: potluck at ralph's w/ ray, fred, tmike, lew fein, joe

  • revised 19 nov 2004 by ralph