Santa Cruz in the 1960s: Pot Luck #1

Tuesday, 16 Nov 2004, 4-8 pm, at Ralph's

Question: When and how did you come to Santa Cruz?

  • T. Mike Walker
    August 20, 1968. From San Francisco (the Haight) to teach at Cabrillo.
  • Ray Gwyn Smith
    June 1971. From Los Angeles, with Paul Vorwork, to see Peter Troxell, stayed.
  • Lew Fein
    1968. In San Francisco, working at Bechtel designing missiles. Was planning to open a metaphysical book store in SF. Rich Bullock came in, had idea to start a "multistore". Came to SC, met Charlie Hall. 1969, Rich started a store on Locust Street in SC, Oddysey Records, contained Lew's Metphysical Bookstore within. It was a center for recent arrivals. It moved later to Pacific Av. Lew gave astrology lectures, taught a course at 724 California St.
  • Fred McPherson
    Taught biology to military at China Lake. 1967: moved to Palo Alto, taught at Friends private school, which expanded into Pacifica High School. Involved with Palo Alto Free School with Ralph Metzner. Max Hartstein came there to do a Perfect Music Session. Fred visited Max in Boulder Creek. Moved there in 1969.
  • Joe Lyzowsky
    Born in Youngstown OH. Moved to Calif. w/ his dad in 1945. Surfed at Cowell's beach in SC in the 1950s. HS grad. in 1956, joined Marines just afer Korean war. BA in painting and sculpture at SJSU, went to Mexico for a master's degree in 1965 in painted sculpture. Returned to SC, visited Ken Kesey's "Spread". Ron Boise was there, needed his sculptures painted. Painted the nude pair that were displayed at the Volpole Gallery (??) and Anchor Steam Brewery in SF, then at the openning of the Hip Pocket Bookstore in SC. Trip to Mexico in two trucks with Ron Boise and Zoo (Gary Dunne). Painted Peter Demma's car, Leon Tabori's Barn (interior murals, sculpture with lights outside).

  • Other ideas

    • TMike will contact Jerry Kamstra
    • Joe has photos of the Barn
    • TMike will contact Jack Bowers
    • Dick Smith lives in Palm Springs
    • Futzi Nuttzle has an antique shop in San Juan Bautista
    • Charlie Nuthing sels from a red van at the flea market
    • Pat Bisconti moved to HI

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