MS#155. Vibrations and Spiritual Communication, 2018
Subjects: Consciousness
Abstract: A host of phenomena, usually labeled paranormal -- including many spiritual practices -- may be regarded as forms of communication with a higher intelligence, by means of vibrations of a mentalfield, in the ambiance of mystical cosmologies, or models of consciousness: spiritual communication. In this short note we focus on some of these phenomena, and propose mechanisms based the cymatic concept: vibrations create forms. In the present application, vibrations in a mental field are imagined to create mental forms, or ideas. Finally, a mathematical model for a vibrating mental field is proposed, based on my book, joint with Sisir Roy, Demystifying the Akasha. This model is an atomistic, rather than continuum-based, model, and belongs to the emerging field of mathematical cosmology. A mathematic ladder is constructed, ascending and descending the levels of consciousness, much like a transatlantic telegraph cable. Mathematical theories of information transmission may be applied to this channel.
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