California Institute of Integral Studies, Fall 2005
SCT/PARP 6495-60, Chaos and the Evolution of Consciousness
A 3 unit, online-only course with Ralph Abraham, beginning August 25

This course will survey world cultural history (WCH) and the evolution of consciousness (E/C) from the perspective of chaos theory (CT). Cultural histories and cognitive strategies are dancers in coevolution. We will survey the major bifurcations of WCH and E/C along with the parallel threads of cognitive strategies, especially those of mathematical and spiritual practices. CT math will be presented from the git/go with computer applets, no prior math will be assumed. Student work will consist of readings and computer exercises, written responses, and a project.

Required Text

  • Allan Combs, The Radiance of Being (available in CIIS bookstore)
Supplementary Readings
  • Ralph Abraham, Chaos, Gaia, Eros, online
  • Ralph Abraham, Bolts from the Blue, online
  • Ralph Abraham et al, The Evolutionary Mind, ???
  • William Irwin Thompson, xxx, J. Consciousness Studies, January 2004
Other Stuff
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