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UCSC, Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) MFA Program
DANM 221: Mathematics the Arts, Winter 2010

Professor: Ralph Abraham, Math & DANM, rha at ucsc dot edu
Teaching Assistants:
  • Katie Scott, Earth Science, katie at singularpoint dot com
  • Evan Schaffer, Computer Science, evan at rsw dot com
  • Larry Cuba, Abstract Animation, cuba at well dot com
About the course:
  • This is the Dickson Emeriti Professorship course for 2009-2010
  • Meetings TTh 12-1:45 pm (Coll. Eight Acad. Bldg, Rm 242, 30 seats)
  • Office Hours: T 3-4 pm in DARC 206
  • Auditors are welcome.
Abstract (revised 11/25/09):
The history and prehistory of repeated patterns. Symmetry groups in 1.5D and 2D. Çatal Höyök and the Alhambra. Applications to the graphic arts and abstract animation. Algorithmic music composition based on 2D patterns and piano roll sonification a la Conlon Nancarrow. Student work will include agent-based modeling using NetLogo.

Revised by Ralph, 03 Jan 2010