UCSC: ActionScript MX Minicourse, Spring 2003

Ralph Abraham, Professor of Mathematics

Apology for Flash

Note: Each example is given in five or more files:

  • FLA: Flash file to download and open in FlashMX (if you have it!!)
  • SWF: Shockwave file to download and run in your browser
  • HTML: Shockwave file embedded in HTML page for your browser
  • AS: Actionscript file to inspect as plain ASCII
  • Notes: Text file explaining the FLA and AS files


Note on file sizes: Exms #1-4 SWF file sizes are ca 500, 1000, 500, and 750 bytes!!!
Exm #5 is ca 8000 bytes: components are relatively expensive.
Exm #6 is ca 13,000 bytes: amazing!
Exm #7 is ca 10,000 bytes: more amazing!
Revised 16 June 2003 by Ralph