Course Info

UCSC: Porter 34B, Chaos, Fractals, and the Arts, Spring 2009

  • Lectures: Ralph Abraham,
  • TAs: Katie Scott (, Evan Schaffer (
  • Text: Hidden Dimensions (Nova Documentary)
    [DOWNLOAD 648 MB MP4]
  • Office Hours: Th 11:30-45 in Porter D-249

OLD RULE, of 02 April, for HW #1 to HW #4

  • On-time homeworks are worth 2 points.
  • Late homeworks are worth 0 points.

NEWER RULE, of 29 April, beginning with HW #5

  • There will be NINE homework assignments.
  • From assignment until the following Sunday 10 pm is the "Green Zone".
  • From Sunday 10 pm until the following Wednesday at 10 pm is the "Yellow Zone".
  • Anytime after the Yellow Zone is the "Red Zone".
  • Assignments received in the Green Zone will be worth 2 points.
  • Assignments received in the Yellow Zone will be worth 1 point.
  • Assignments received in the Red Zone will be worth 0 points.

Twelve HW points are required to pass the course

(this is a decrease of 2 from the 14 required previously)
Revised 05 June 2009 by Ralph