UCSC: Porter 34B, Chaos, Fractals, and the Arts, Spring 2011


Revised 22 May 2011


Only 17 days until the FINAL and to date only 7 students have approved project proposals.

Homework #6, posted 5/13

Ten students have submitted HW 06 so far, 8 may be viewed on their websites. The Sprott models are impressive, and the project proposals (including 14 students, considering teams) are very promising. Deadline for this homework has been extended one week. This is the last homework assignment for the term.

Sprott models, posted 5/12

So far, four models with sound have been posted HERE.

Results of the Midterm, posted 5/05

Out of 21 papers returned in class, 7 earned the max score of 6, 5 earned 5, and 9 earned 4. Considering the scores so far (four homeworks, two quizes, and the midterm) the total scores ranged from 2 to a max of 19. The median was 14, and a score of 10 or less might be considered poor. Your grade record will be sent you via email soon.

Results of HW #4, posted 5/04

Of 16 homeworks received ontime, 11 earned the max score of 3.

Using the Sound Extension in NetLogo

Remember this from the NetLogo User Manual:

To use the extension in your model,
add a line to the top of your procedures tab:

extensions [sound]

Posting NetLogo Models to you Website

Look for the new Help File for this.

Genevieve's Poster

Find it HERE

Preparing for the Midterm

The midterm, although brief, will be sort of a final exam on the first half of the course. The questions might address any of the threads: A, B. or C. Please review the website for all four meetings.

Student Websites

Posting homework to your website is optional. BUT, I will only write narrative evaluations (and in the future, letters of reccomendation) for students with adequate material posted on the web.

HW #3 Results

The max score was 2. Almost all 15 homeworks turned in ontime (via the web or via email) earned 2 points.

Quiz #2 Results

The max score was 2. There were 20 quiz papers handed in, each earned 2 points. They are AWESOME.

Late Homework

I will accept all homework turned in by 5 pm on Wednesday April 20th for full credit. No late homeworks after that.

Homework #2 Results

The max score was 2. All 19 homeworks turned in ontime or late (via the web or via email) earned 2 points.

Quiz #1 Results

The max score was 2. There were 23 quiz papers handed in, each earned 2 points. Some writings were more impressive than others but all were "correct". Each offered one or more of the following answers:
  1. Artists perceive things from Nature.
  2. Artists understand chaos theory intuitively.
  3. Kupka had a precognitive dream.
  4. Coincidence.
  5. Kupka absorbed thoughts from Poincare.
  6. Kupka had a "bolt from the blue".
  7. Kupka figured out the math.
  8. Kupka channeled a mathematician.
  9. Kupka heard Poincare lecture on the tangle.
  10. Kupka tapped into a field or matrix of intelligence.

Homework #1 Results

The max score was 2. Every homework turned in ontime (via the web or via email) earned either 1 or 2. In case 2, you will receive notification via email.


  • To setup your personal website at: http://people.ucsc.edu/~[ucsc_id] see the new Help page
  • Homework is posted under "Meetings and Assignments"

Course Plan

This course will be devoted to digital harmony in abstract animation and algorithmic music, based on chaos theory and fractal geometry. There will be three components: art history, chaos theory, and programming in the NetLogo language. There will be weekly homework in each component, a few short quizes, a midterm, and a term project to be demonstrated in the Finals meeting.