The Western Esoteric Tradition

Graphics for the biographies and events
Lists of dates for the main people and events
Brief biobibs for the most important authors
Ficino's Synthesis
Brief outline of Ficino's roots, works, and tradition,
by Ralph Abraham (in progress).
Book MS
Expansion of the outline into the first draft of a book
by Ralph Abraham (in progress).
Slides for lectures
Graphics outlining a set of four lectures
Florence, Italy: June 19-24, 2001
Historical Works in English
Writings of Ficino, Pico della M., Bruno, Dee, Fludd
Related websites
Websites on Ficino, Pico della M., Bruno, Dee, Fludd
Ficino's "Academy"
A PowerPoint presentation, outline for a talk on the Platonic Academy of Florence, August 17, 2001, at the Ross School.
A brief history of the soul in the WET

Revd by Ralph H Abraham, 120 Mar 2005