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John Dee,, 1990

The Western Esoteric Tradition project spawned several courses I presented in the UCSC Math Department as Math 181, History of Math. One of these courses, devoted to the philosopher/mathematician/magus Dr. John Dee (1527-1608) in the Spring of 1990, resulted in this site. Dr. Paul Lee, UCSC professor emeritus of philosophy, was a coauthor of the course and website.

Visual Chaos,, 1994

At the time of my official retirement in 1994, this site was created to make available some of the computer graphic videos resulting from my researches begun in 1974, when computer graphics hardware and software first became available at UCSC. As of 2023, I am still creating new videos for this research frontier.

Visual Euclid,, 2001

Also derived from an instance of my UCSC course, Math 181, History of Math, this site is devoted to visual translations of Euclid's Elements.

Visual Kepler,, 2001

More derivatives of my work on the history of math, this site was developed especially to support a show on Kepler's music of the spheres made jointly with Pablo Viotti.

Visual Soroban,, 2005

This site is intended to support elementary school parents, teachers, or students who wish to experiment with this Japanese method of learning arithmetic.

The Fractal Note Gallery,, 2013

This is the component of the Visual Chaos site devoted to discrete dynamical systems, aka iteration theory. It attempts to visualize all of the chaotic systems discovered by Julien Clinton Sprott and illustrated in his book, Strange Attractors, of 1993.

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