The Ross School

Supplemental webpages
by Ralph Herman Abraham and William Irwin Thompson

Cultural History and the Evolution of Consciousness (CHEC)
The defining document of the Ross School Program
by William Irwin Thompson
Shortcut to "the BOLD"
General Reading List
General readings for the Ross School Program
Suggested by William Irwin Thompson
Reading List by Grades
Suggested readings for the Ross School Program
organised by grade level, from CHEC footnotes
by William Irwin Thompson
A presentation in graphics of three exemplary bifurcations
Extracted from "Dynamics, the Geometry of Behavior" by Ralph H. Abraham and Christopher D. Shaw (1992).
Threads and Complexity
Being an introduction to the coordinates of the Spiral Curriculum
Includes a matrix of threads versus grades
Extracted from the document by William Irwin Thompson dated April 21, 1999: "Memo on Cultural History Threads in the Spiral Curriculum"
Includes a new interpretation of the fourfold thread-space of Bill Thompson's memo by Ralph Abraham
A presentation at Lyford Cay by Ralph Abraham.
Explaining basic concepts of an integrated curriculum.
Historic papers on the Ross School Curriculum
Ross Tower in 3D
A Virtual Reality model of the Ross School Curriculum
Outline for a thread, work in progress, Fall 2001

Revised 10 December 2001 by Ralph Herman Abraham