Ralph Abraham, Schedule, 2008

  • January 08 -- March 21, UC Santa Cruz
    Digital Arts and New Media 220:
    Introduction to Programming for the Arts
  • January 26, The INNstitute, Sedona, AZ
    Visioning the future:
    An interactive forum on uplifting evolutionary ideas,
    with Visionary Indigenous Elders and Western Scientists and Futurists
  • February 22 -- March 02, Athens, GREECE
    The transmission of knowledge, a Ross School trip
  • March 17 -- April 05, Kolkata, INDIA
    Four lectures, Complex System 2008, Indian Statistical Institute
    Lecture: Consciousness and the New Math, Ramakrishna Mission
    Lecture: Agent-Based Modeling, Presidency College
  • May 22-24, Polytechnico di Milano, ITALY
    Plenary lecture, MathKnow08
    Lectues at Universities of Florece and Milan-Bicocca
  • July 31 -- August 03, Santa Fe NM
    Lindisfarne Association Annual Conference
  • August 19-24, East Hampton, NY
    Ross School, Faculty Retreat
  • September 9-16, JAPAN
    Dynamics Days Asia Pacific 5, Nara, September 9-12
    RIKEN Workshop,Tokyo, September 16
  • September 30, UCSC, Math Colloquium
    Structural stability and the misuse of mathematics
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  • December 12, Harvard Graduate School of Education
    Agent-based modeling
    History-based math education

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