Ralph Abraham, Schedule, 2009

  • February 1-15, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, INDIA
    Visiting research position, quantum vacuum and consciousness
  • April-June, UCSC
    Porter College Course: Chaos, Fractals, and the Arts
  • July 15 -19, Santa Fe, NM
    Lindisfarne Association Annual Conference
  • August 20-29, The Ross School, East Hampton, NY
    Teachers Academy
  • October 08-11, Madrona Institute, Santa Fe, NM
    Intl. Policy Dialogue #1 on ---
    Nuclear Disarmament: Can Complexity Thinking Accelerate the Process?
  • October 22-25, Science and Nonduality 2009 Conference, San Rafael, CA
    30 minute presentation, A Digital Solution to the Mind/Body Problem,
    Official Conference Website Lecture Notes
  • November 4, UC Santa Cruz
    Fall Emeriti Lecture, Bolts from the Blue:
    Startling Episodes from the Coevolution of Mathematics and Art
  • November 20-22, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
    Trialogue Workshop with Jean Houston and Mary Catherine Bateson
    Esalen Catalog Description

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