Ralph Abraham, Past Events


  • January 9-11, Presidency University, Kolkata, INDIA
    2nd Int'l Symposium on Complex Dynamical Systems and Applications
    Symposium Website
  • June 29 -- July 01, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
    Weekend Workshop with Nina Wise on the The Kepler Project:
    Paradigm Shifts: Then and Now
  • July 13, Asilomar, Carmel CA; American Cyernetic Society
    Trialogue with Nora Bateson and Rex Weyler
  • August 20-24, Ross Institute, East Hampton, NY
    Founders Conference on Neuroscience and Education
  • September 20-22, University of Urbino, ITALY
    MDEF (Modelli Dinamici in Economia e Finanza) Workshop
  • October 7, Harding House Salon, Redwood City, CA
    Chaos, Gaia, Eros, Revisited

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