Ralph Abraham, Past Events


  • January 20, Music Dept., UC Santa Cruz, CA
    Sounds from chaos theory
  • January 26, Fireside Chat, Saratoga, CA
    Vibrations and consciousness
  • February 12-14, Applied Math Dept., Calcutta University, Kolkata, INDIA
    International Seminar "Emerging Trends in Applied Mathematics
    dedicated to the Memory of Sir Asutosh Mukherjee
    and Contributions of S.N.Bose, M.N.Saha and N.R.Sen"
    Keynote address, "Emergent Periodicity in a Field of Chaos"
  • February 18-19, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, INDIA
    Lectures on complex dynamical systems and modeling
  • March 5, Art Dept., UC Santa Cruz, CA
    Panel dicussion with Kathelin Gray and Beth Stephens
  • April-June, UC Santa Cruz, CA
    Porter College Course: Chaos, Fractals, and the Arts

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