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  • February 12, 2019: UCSC Math Colloquium, Santa Cruz and Chaos
    UC Santa Cruz, CA
  • May 30, 2017: UCSC Math Celebratory Colloquium, The Early Years 1965-1995
    UC Santa Cruz, CA
  • October 7, 2016: Hip Santa Cruz and the Chaos Revolution
    At Logos Books & Records, Santa Cruz, CA
  • December 11, 2015: Mathematics and Mysticism
    NIAS, Bengaluru, INDIA
  • April 2013: Complex Dynamical Systems Course at the Ross School
    This 12-minute documentary introduces the Ross School --
    a private PN-12 school in East Hampton, NY -- and Ralph's online course on Complex Dynamical Systems,
    and further, the implementation of the systems concepts by the teachers in grades K-11 during the 2012-2013 school year.
  • October 2011: DMT, The Spirit Molecule
    Interview from DMT: The Spirit Molecule
  • Winter 2010: Math and the Arts: Just Plane Symmetry
    UC Santa Cruz, Digital Arts / New Media 221
    A Study of Repeating Patterns [ Course Website ]
    1T: Introduction First lecture (1T = Week 1, Tuesday, 38 minutes)
    1U: The Math Mentalities Second lecture (1U = Week 1, Thursday, 9 minutes)
    2T: The Seven Frieze Groups Third lecture (2T = Week 2, Tuesday, 28 minutes)
    2U: Frieze Groups Again Fourth lecture (2U = Week 2, Thursday, 17 minutes)
    3T: The Seventeen Wallpaper Groups Fifth lecture (3T = Week 3, Tuesday, 31 minutes)
  • November 5, 2009: Bolts from the Blue
    UC Santa Cruz Emeriti Lecture
  • November 9, 2003: The Cybersphere as a Complex Dynamical System
    Institute of Ecotechnics, Santa Fe, NM
  • February 9, 1996: Euclid's Voyage into Chaos
    Portland Science Technology and Society
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  • May 2018: DMT, Angels and the Mathematics of Chaos
    Interview by Jason Louv on Ultraculture.org #28
  • July 7, 2017: The Invisible Relationships
    Interview by Joanna Harcourt-Smith on Futureprimitive.org
  • July 6, 2015: New Model of Consciousness
    Interview by Alex Tsakiris on Skeptiko #201
  • The Trialogues
    Streaming audios on Sheldrake.org
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  • June 2003: Chaos and Music, UCSC
  • March, 2004: Chaos, Fractals, and the New Mathematical Mysticism
    Philadelphia, PA
  • October 2004: Mathware on the Digital Palette
    DANM Colloquium, UCSC
  • December 2004, A Brief History of Soul
    Museum-Insel Hombroich, Dusseldorf, GERMANY
  • August 2005: Landscape Dynamics
    IIASA, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  • December 2006: Consciousness and the Quantum Vacuum
    Poetry and Science Talks, NEW YORK
  • May 2008: Computational Mathematics and the Social Sciences
    MathKnow08, Milan, ITALY
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