HubNet Tutorial #2: Browsing the Model Library

Here we follow the NetLogo 5.0 User Manual, under: Features, Hubnet, HubNet Guide, Computer HubNet. There we find, under Activities, a list of 9 activities. We will use GridLock to illustrate, using Mac OSX. We recommend that you consult NetLogo Tutorial #10 (aka HubNet Tutorial #1) to begin.

The HubNet procedure for a Participatory Simulation is slightly complex, and we will parse it into steps. Some steps have substeps.

Generally, one computer with a data projector is the hub, running the NetLogo app, and one or more computers on the same LAN run the HubNet Client app. But as teacher or leader, you may want to practice on one computer, and that is the mode we adopt in this tutorial. The steps for starting an activity on the LAN with several coputers will be slightly different.

--- To start the activity ---

  • Leader steps: L1 to L4.
  • Participant steps: P1 to P3.
  • Leader steps: L5 to L7.

--- To end the activity ---

  • Participant steps: P4 and P5.
  • Leader step: L8.
Here we go (follow along with the youtube video tutorial).

--- LEADER starting the activity ---

  • Step L1. Prepare the Dock:
    * Look in the folder Applications/NetLogo 5.0 for NetLogo and HubNet Client
    * Drag their icons to the Dock.
  • Step L2. Start NetLogo 5.0:
    * Click once on the NetLogo icon in the Dock.
    * In the NetLogo top menu bar, under "File -> Models Library", click the expansion arrow of the bottom item in the left-side menu: HubNet Activities.
    * Click on the sixth option, Gridlock.
    * Click the "Open" button in the lower right corner.
  • Step L3. Start HubNet Control:
    * Fill in a "Session name" in the "Start HubNet Activity" dialog box (or, accept the default).
    * Click the "Start" button in the dialog box. Then NetLogo opens its 'HubNet Control Center".
    * You now have a HubNet Control Center monitor window on your screen.
  • Step L4. Begin:
    * Read the "Quickstart instructions" under the Info tab.
    * Click "setup" and "login".
    * Tell participants they may now join the activity.
  • --- PARTICIPANT joining the activity ---

  • Step P1. Start your HubNet Client app:
    * Click once on the HubNet Client icon in your Dock.
    * A HubNet dialog box opens on your screen.
  • Step P2. Choose an activity.
    * In the lower panel of the "HubNet" client dialog box there is a list of all activities running on your LAN. In this case, there is only one, "Gridlock".
    * Select an activity by clicking on its name.
    * Click the "Enter" button in the lower right corner of the client dialog box.
    * You now have a client UI on your screen.
  • Step P3. Read the instructions on your UI.
  • --- LEADER starting the activity (continued) ---

  • Step L5. Press the "login" button again to complete the login process.
  • Step L6. Press the "go" button to start the activity.
  • Step L7. Press the "go" button again to pause the activity.
  • --- PARTICIPANT exiting the activity ---

  • Step P4. Click the upper left red dot to exit the activity.
  • Step P5. Click "HubNet Client -> Quit" to close the client.

    --- LEADER exiting the activity ---

  • Step L8. Close NetLogo with the red dot.

  • Revised 06 March 2012 by Ralph