Mathware on the Digital Palette

Ralph Abraham, Math Dept, UCSC

Computational math -- cybernetics, neural networks, system dynamics, complexity, chaos, fractals, and agent based models -- for the digital media artist.
In every historical age, the current concept of physical and metaphysical space is manifest in its visual arts. (Erwin Panofsky, Perspective as Symbolic Form, 1997.)
We propose that agent based models are the Postmodern equivalent of perspective in the Renaissance, and abstract animation in the Modern age.


  • Math and Art BCG (Before Computer Graphics)
    • Ancient: Pythagoras (Music, Sculpture)
    • Renaissance: Perspective (Painting) [Chronology]
  • Math and Art ACG (After)
    • Cybernetics, Neural Networks, System Dynamics, Complexity:
    • Chaos, Fractals: MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, MAPLE
    • Agent Based Models: SWARM, ActionScript, NetLOGO
  • Illustrations

Revised 09 October 2004