MS#141. Emergent Periodicity in a Field of Chaos, 2014
with Michael Nivala, UCLA
In: Emerging Trends in Applied Mathematics: International Conference, Kolkata, India, February, 2014, Sarkar, Susmita, Uma Basu, and Soumen De, eds., Kolkata.
Subjects: Economics
Abstract: The synchronization of nonlinear oscillators is well-known and is a traditional topic in complex dynamical system theory. The synchronization of chaotic attractors is less well-known, but is of obvious interest in many applications to the sciences: physical, biological, and social.

In a recent experimental study of coupled lattices of Rossler attractors, (jointly with Michael Nivala) we were surprised to discover global periodic behavior in large regimes of the parameter space. This emergent periodicity in a eld of chaos may be of signi cance in the origin of life, and in many life processes.

In this article we will explore the emergence of global periodicity, and also the periodic windows in the bifurcation diagram of the Rossler attractor, which may be the local cause of this global behavior.

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