MS#157. Some Elements for a History of the Dynamical Systems Theory, 2020
Subjects: Chaos Theory, Dynamics
Abstract: From 1958 to 1968 was the heyday of the Smale program, applying differential topology to dynamical systems. I joined this project in 1960 in Berkeley. By 1968, the computer simulations of Ueda and Lorenz came to the attention of our group, and many turned to applications in search of new ideas. Fewer, me among them, turned to computer simulation for inspiration. Meeting Otto Rossler in 1974 was crucial for this radical turn. Here are some details of this personal bifurcation.
Published in a festschift article for Otto Rossler's 80th birthday:
Chaos, 31 (May 7, 2021).
[PDF] 5 pages, 268 KB

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