Based on a talk in vienna, at FIS96, 15 jun 96
Rev. 1.1 of 4 dec 96
To appear in BioSystems, 1997

measuring the synergy of the World Wide Web


Ralph H. Abraham,
Visual Math Institute,
POB 7920, Santa Cruz, CA, USA-95061-7920


This is the second progress report on the webometry project: acquisition of data regarding the density of links on the WWW. We illustrate the primary visualization strategy, the synergy matrix, in the case of a model subnet of nine nodes.


  1. Introduction
  2. Connectionism
  3. An exemplary sub-web
  4. The connectivity matrix defined
  5. An exemplary connectivity matrix
  6. The synergy matrix defined
  7. An exemplary synergy matrix
  8. An exemplary synergy image
  9. Conclusion Acknowledgments