The Hip Santa Cruz History Project

A multimedia website project cooked up over sushi by Judy, Tandy, and Ralph on 06 February 2002.

Mission: to document the history of Hip Santa Cruz, ca 1964-1972 or so.

Our Books

Hip Santa Cruz 1, June, 2016
Hip Santa Cruz 2, December, 2017
Hip Santa Cruz 3, November, 2018
Hip Santa Cruz 4, January, 2019
Hip Santa Cruz 5, February, 2020
Hip Santa Cruz 6, February, 2023
Hip Santa Cruz 7, Website in process.
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In Memoriam

Web page of Muldoon Elder with photos by Lars Speyer regarding the Ron Boise flap of 1964 over the Kama Suta Sculptures at the Vorpal Gallery. (Thanks to Embers Glo.)

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About the project

About the 1960s in Santa Cruz


Recorded by Ralph in 2002


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Sporadic meetings/recording sessions, ongoing

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