The Hip Santa Cruz History Project

A multimedia website project cooked up over sushi by Judy, Tandy, and Ralph on 06 February 2002.

Mission: to document the history of Hip Santa Cruz, ca 1964-1972 or so.

In Memoriam

Web page of Muldoon Elder with photos by Lars Speyer regarding the Ron Boise flap of 1964 over the Kama Suta Sculptures at the Vorpal Gallery. (Thanks to Embers Glo.)

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Recorded by Ralph in 2002


About the project

About the 1960s in Santa Cruz

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Story Circles

  • #1. 16 Nov 2004, at Ralph's
    Ralph, Ray, Joe, Fred, TMike, Lew Fein
    these notes by T. Mike (RTF)
  • #2. 18 Nov 2005, at The Blue Sun, BC
    with Fred, Ralph, Leon, Peter & T. Mike
    these notes by T. Mike (MS Word doc)
  • #3. 28 Feb 2006, at the Crepe Place Bruce Bratton, David Oliver,
    Jerry Kamstra, Rojulio
  • #4. 26 May 2006, at the Rosie McCann's
    with Ralph, TMike, Leon,
    Peter & Melissa Demma,
    David, Rojulio, Peter Stafford
    (This time we had a breakthrough from the past into the present)
  • #5. 14 August 2006, at the Bagelry
  • #6. 16 November 2006,
    at the East Cliff Village Apartments
  • #7. 26 January 2007,
    at the Santa Cruz Public Library
  • #8. 07 April 2007,
    at the East Cliff Village Apartments
    ralph abraham and ray gwyn smith,
    leon tabory, t-mike walker
    paul lee, peter demma, barbara vogl
    david oliver, fred mc pherson, lou fein
    ray ginghofer, kathy cummins
    jami cassady and randy ratto
    andrew bailey and connie marlowe
    nici smith, dean quarnstrom
  • #9. 19 July 2008,
    at the East Cliff Village Apartments
    Leon, Ramah, two grandchildren,
    Ralph, Fred, Barb Vogl,
    Patti Diludovico, Dean and Jeannie,
    Bruce Bratton, Ray, TMike,
    Bruce Damer, Russell Habecker,
    Anne Marie, Jamie and Randi,
    John Allen Cassady and friend
  • #10. 10 January 2009,
    at the East Cliff Village Apartments
    Bruce Damer and Galen
    Al Lundell and Sun
    Holly Harman, Roger
    Ralph Abraham, Peter Demma
    Leo Tabory and Kathy
    Jami Cassady and Randy Ratto
    Ann Marie Maxwell, Joe Lyzowsky
    Patti Diludovico
    Andrew Bailey and Connie Marlowe
  • #11. 18 April 2009,
    at the East Cliff Village Apartments
    Sorry, Ralph made no notes
    Claudia L'Amoreaux made a video (someday it will be posted)
  • #12. 06 June 2009,
    at the East Cliff Village Apartments
    Again no notes, but this was Melyssa's birthday
    This might be the last meeting at the East Village Apartments due to the passing of Leon Tabory on 29 September 2009 after an illness of about ten weeks.
  • #13. 15 November 2009,
    Memorial service for Leon. Many of our regulars were there. I might mention only some absences:
    Barb Vogl, died in JUly, 2006
    Joe Lyzowski, called from Hawaii
    Patti Diludovico, not feeling well this day
  • #14. 22 May 2011, meeting at Bruce Damer's Digibarn and farm, 13 members present. Tour of the Digibrn and farm. Bruce Damer wrote, " Holly Harmon Holly gave a magnificent summary of her book and the movies were a big hit." Andrew Bailey showed a gallery of artistic photo portraits of some of our regulars.
  • #15. 26 June 2011, meeting at Dean Quarnstrom's home. A dozen or so people attended, including Dean, Patti, T.Mike, Fred.
  • #16. 16 November 2011, Max Hartstein Memorial and Perfect Music Session, at the SC Museum of Art and History.
  • #17. 12 January 2014, meeting at Dean Quarnstrom's home. More than a dozen people attended, including Ralph Abraham, Jennae Bennett, Jami Cassady and Randy Ratto, Ib Crow, Bruce Damer, Patti Diludovico, Estelle Fein, Holly Harmon, Glenn Allen Howard, Micah Langton, Fred McPherson, Roger Murray, Andrew O'Keefe, Dean and Jean Quarnstrom, T.Mike Walker, and Denise Ward.
  • #18. 21 June 2014, meeting at Bruce Damer's farm in Boulder Creek. More than a fifteen people attended, including Bruce Damer, Jacob Aman, Holly Harmon, Fred McPherson, Rob Menzies, Ken Adams, Nick Herbert, Marc Franklin, Jim Nelson, Roger Murray, Andrew O'Keefe, Dean and Jean Quarnstrom, and T.Mike Walker.

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